LOCAL NOTABLES offers unique CORPORATE GIFTS to help build brand awareness

We help businesses with their marketing efforts by thoughtfully curating personalized gifts/gift boxes for corporate gifting that highlight your brand. Our goal is to ensure your business stands out from the crowd and is kept in mind by current and former clients. Corporate gifting is an extremely effective marketing strategy, but typical corporate gifts — booze, meat and cheese baskets, fruit bouquets — are commonplace and you risk that your presence will be forgotten. Our gift boxes are full of unique, local goods that are certain to make a memorable impression on your clients. We offer gifts at all price points so you can make the most effective use of your marketing budget.

initial contact marketing

If your business is making its first foray into an industry or you're courting a new potential client, the initial contact is obviously the most important because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Delivery of a Local Notables gift box with a personalized message works wonders in this regard: you're giving the appearance that you've spent some time thinking about what the recipient may actually like, rather than phoning it in with a traditional corporate gift. Additionally, you're giving the recipient a reason to reach out and thank you, or at least acknowledge that they received the gift, which is another opportunity for your business to have contact with that potential client. At Local Notables, we want to help your business succeed at the initial point of contact and continue to cultivate your business relationships with ongoing marketing.


While your business may currently be busy with a full roster of clients, future growth is always an important consideration. You've already invested the time in securing business relationships, so why would you risk potential future business simply because you didn't foster the relationship? Out of sight, out of mind is the truest adage of them all. Ongoing marketing prevents "reputation rot" -- your business is continually growing and evolving, but your clients' perception of you will remain fixed unless you keep them up to date.  It takes years to shape and define your reputation, so your business needs to be doing it all the time. Most importantly, your business should engage in ongoing marketing because it secures your company's future. Marketing is food, not medicine: it's the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it to be and keeps it there.


We would love the opportunity to meet with you or your Marketing Director to discuss putting together a specially curated collection of products specifically tailored to your business. Every target market is different, so working together to create an effective gifting strategy can work wonders in building brand awareness for your company.  Feel free to reach out via the Contact box at the bottom of the page, or by emailing

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