They say it’s all about the journey, right?

I’m trained as a lawyer but my passion is business. I went to South Texas College of Law and earned my MBA at the University of Houston, and was always itching to start something of my own. After graduating law school, I started a recruiting firm to staff paralegals and legal assistants at law firms, but even after taking the bar and while practicing and recruiting, I wanted a creative outlet.

So I started a bakery business out of my kitchen, making the Southern-inspired desserts that my family has been eating forever. I set up at farmer’s markets and local fairs where I met a boatload of other makers and creatives who were selling their wares for the same reason I was: they had an innate desire to share their passion with others.

And that’s when the Local Notables idea came to me. I was blown away by how many truly talented craftspeople were out there, and I wanted to help bring more exposure to their small businesses while also introducing folks to products they may have never seen before.

With Local Notables, my goal is to create a win-win situation all around: as a purchaser, you’re supporting the local maker community and as one of our vendors, we get to present your product to folks you may never chance to cross paths with. We also do corporate gifting and marketing in addition to retail sales.

Besides running Local Notables, you’ll find me hanging with my rescue dogs, training muay thai kickboxing, cooking, reading, or traveling with my bae/#1 supporter Dave.

Please reach out with any questions!

Courtney Pepper Feldman

owner + founder + purveyor of local products